Free HTML entity encoder

Encode HTML into HTML Entities.

Free HTML entity encoder

HTML Entity Encoder is a great tool for web developers to use when coding websites.

It allows you to quickly and easily encode HTML entities, which are special characters used by HTML to represent certain symbols or characters in a web page. 

With the help of HTML Entity Encoder, you can easily convert text, numbers, and symbols into their corresponding HTML entity codes with just a few clicks.

This makes it easier for you to create webpages that are compatible with many browsers and devices.

Additionally, this tool can also be used to reduce the size of your HTML documents as well as protect your code from malicious attacks.

HTML Entity Encoder is an invaluable resource for any web developer looking for a quick and easy way to encode entities in their website code.

Why encode HTML?

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a language used to create websites. 

It is important to encode HTML because it allows web developers and designers to create complex websites with interesting visuals, layouts, and functionality.

Encoding HTML can help make the website more user-friendly by providing easy navigation, easy-to-read text, and consistent design across all browsers and devices. 

Additionally, encoding HTML helps protect website data by preventing malicious code from being inserted into pages. 

Without encoding HTML, websites would be vulnerable to security threats such as cross-site scripting attacks. 

Lastly, encoding HTML allows for better search engine optimization since search engines are able to read encoded HTML more easily than unencoded HTML.

Encoding HTML is an important step in creating effective websites that are secure and SEO friendly.

What is an HTML character entity?

An HTML character entity is a code used to represent characters or symbols that are not available on the standard keyboard. It consists of an ampersand, a pound sign (#), and then a specific number that corresponds to a particular character. 

For example, © is the HTML character entity for the copyright symbol. In some cases, entities also have names such as & for ampersand. 

Character entities come in handy when writing webpages or other documents using HTML because they allow you to include special characters without having to find and type out each one individually. 

They can also be used to specify characters from different languages which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to type out directly. 

Additionally, HTML character entities are useful for ensuring that text displays properly across different browsers and devices since each may handle certain characters differently.