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Decode HTML Entities into HTML.

Free HTML Entity Decoder Online

The free HTML Entity Decoder is a helpful online tool that allows you to convert HTML Entities to HTML.

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What is HTML entity decode?

HTML entity decode is a process of decoding HTML entities back to their original form. 

This process is used when a browser encounters an encoded character, such as an ampersand or greater-than sign, which has been converted into its coded form. HTML entities are characters that have been converted into a specific code, such as the ampersand symbol (&) being represented as &. 

This conversion helps browsers accurately display non-alphanumeric characters on webpages. 

HTML entity decode works by converting these codes back into their original characters so they can be properly displayed on the webpage.

HTML entity decode is useful for ensuring that all text is properly formatted and displayed correctly on the page, giving readers the best experience possible when browsing websites.

What does HTML decode do?

HTML decode is a function that returns the original document from an HTML-encoded string.

It is used to reverse the process of HTML encoding, which converts characters like < and > into their HTML entity equivalents. 

The decoded output can be a single character or a complete string.

This function is useful when displaying text on a web page that was previously encoded for security reasons. 

It ensures that any user-entered data is correctly rendered and displayed as intended by the web developer or designer.

HTML decode is also necessary for certain applications such as emailing, where it helps to ensure that special characters are properly interpreted and displayed in the recipient's inbox.

What is an HTML encoded string?

An HTML encoded string is a string of text that has been encoded in HTML, which is the language used to create and format webpages. 

This encoding can help prevent malicious code, hidden in some Javascript, from being executed on the webpage. 

It does this by replacing certain characters with their corresponding HTML entity codes. 

For example, the character “<” would be replaced with “&lt;” in an HTML encoded string.

 By doing this, it prevents the browser from recognizing it as a special character or command, thus preventing any malicious code from being executed. 

HTML encoded strings are also useful for displaying certain characters that may not be available in certain fonts or for displaying them in a specific way.